Praxis The Fletcher Journal of Human Security

2004: Development and Conflict

The May 2004 issue of PRAXIS examines development and conflict: How can conflict prevention be integrated into or influence the scope of development assistance? What is the evidence that the presence or absence of development strategies have played a role in the exacerbation of conflicts? This issue presents original research on conflict mediation strategies in Cameroon, South East Europe, and on a global scale, and outlines important lessons learned from international peace building efforts in Rwanda. PRAXIS also reports from the first annual Fletcher Conference on Innovative Approaches: Rethinking Interdisciplinary Action in Conflict and talks to practitioners about how new conflict mediation approaches are in use in the field.

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Understanding the Roots of Conflict

Jennifer Leaning, Sam Arie, and Elizabeth Stites
Human Security in Crisis and Transition

Stacy Heen
The Role of Microcredit in Conflict and Displacement Mitigation: A Case Study in Cameroon

Ahsiya Posner
Education for Understanding: Educational Reform for Enhancing Security

The Fletcher Conference on Innovative Approaches: Rethinking Interdisciplinary Approaches in Conflict

Louise Fréchette
Conference Address

Susanna P. Campbell
Connecting Actors and Ideas: A Conference Report

Institutional and Social Capacities for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

Tony Verheijen and Lisa Smirl
Building Crisis Management Capacity in Civil Society in South East Europe: Lessons from Early Warning

Craig S. Cohen
Trusting Coexistence: Lessons from Refugee Return and Reintegration in Rwanda

Views from the Field

Andrew Russell

Lars Waldorf

Jane Travis and Loren Landau