Roberto Porzecanski

Research Interests

Political Economy of Trade Policy, Industrial Policy, Economics of Trade Liberalization, US-Latin American Relations

Fields of Study

International Political Economy, International Trade and Commercial Policies, United States

PhD Working Dissertation Title

The Political Economy of Latin America’s Trade Liberalization with the US: What Can We Learn from the Uruguayan Experience?

Dissertation Committee

Katrina Burgess (chair)

Kevin P. Gallagher, Boston University

Kenneth Shadlen, London School of Economics and Political Science

Joel Trachtman


Roberto Porzecanski


Foreign Investment and Sustainable Development: Lessons from the Americas (co-edited with Kevin P. Gallagher, Andrés López and Lyuba Zasky) Washington DC, Heinrich Boll Foundation North America, 2008

The Dynamism of Mexican Exports: Lost in (Chinese) Translation? (With Kevin P. Gallagher and Juan Carlos Moreno-Brid) World Development36 (8).

China Matters: A Report on China’s Economic Impact in Latin America (With Kevin P. Gallagher) Latin American Research Review (2008, forthcoming)

Economic Reform and Foreign Investment in Latin America: A Critical Assessment (With Kevin P. Gallagher) Progress in Development Studies (2007, forthcoming)

What a Difference a Few Years Makes: China and the Competitiveness of Mexican Exports (With Kevin P. Gallagher) Oxford Development Studies 35:2 (2007)

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