Behlul Ozkan, Istanbul, Turkey

Research Interests

Critical Studies, Geopolitics, Turkish Foreign Policy, the Caucasus and Energy

PhD Dissertation Working Title

WHERE DOES TURKEY BELONG? Turkey's Changing Geopolitical Vision in the post-Cold War Era: Territory, Identity and Foreign Policy


  • Özkan, Behlül, 'Who Gains from the "No War No Peace" Situation? A Critical Analysis of the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict',/Geopolitics /(2008) 13 (3): 572-599.
  • Özkan, Behlül, 'Amerikan Rüyas? Kabusa Dönerken', /Birikim/ (2008) 230-231: 157-161.
  • Özkan, Behlül, 'New Geopolitics of Energy in the Black Sea Region' in the /The Black Sea Region Countries and Prospective Relationships with European Union /(Tbilisi: International Black Sea University, 2006): 43-50. Available online

Faculty Advisors

Andrew Hess
Alan Henrikson