PhD Careers

Employment Information
2016 PhD Graduates
UAE General Military Hdqtrs and professor at NDU there
Bankable Frontier Associates (microfinance)
Ass't Professor, St. Lawrence University
Research Analyst, Center for Naval Analysis
Deputy Director of Research, Education and Learning, Int'l Rescue Comm.
Partner, CM Partners (Conflict Management)
Ass't Professor (TT), Seton Hall University
Consultant, Integration and Trade Dept, Interamerican Dev. Bank
Ass't Professor, NYU, Shanghai
Japanese Ministry of Defense
2014 and 2015 PhD Graduates
Fellow, Institute for Business in the Global Context, The Fletcher School
Organizer of World Water Forums/Ind. Consultant in Global Water Governance
EuropeAid, Head of Climate Change, Environment, Nat'l Resources, Water Unit at Eur. Commis.
Deputy Ass't Secretary for Environment, Bureau of  Oceans and Int'l Environmental and Scientific Affairs, Dept. of State
Consultant for USAID in Nigeria
Prof. at Chulalongkorn U in Bangkok
World Peace Foundation Post-doc Research Fellow
Post-doc, University of Chicago
Program Coordinator, Institute of Human Security
Assistant Professor, Hamilton College
2013 PhD Graduates
Assistant Professor, University of Kuwait
Director of the Defense and Security Committee, NATO, Parliamentary Assembly
Deputy Director of Planning, Emergency Management, Philadelphia
Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Lt. Col., U.S. Army, Speech Writer for Army Chief of Staff, Pentagon
CFIA Fellow, Japan
Assistant Professor of International Relations, Department of Politics & Public Administration, University of Hong Kong
Lecturer, Boston College
Major, U.S. Army
Senior Researcher, Feinstein Center, Tufts University and Lecturer, Fletcher School
Fulbright Research Fellow, Brazil
Strategy Policy, Department of Defense
2012 PhD Graduates
Research Fellow, Center for International Environmental Resource Policy, The Fletcher School
Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University
Nature Policy Officer, World Wildlife Fund, Greece
Commander, U.S. Navy
Lecturer, Political Science Department, Tufts University
Consultant, humanitarian organization
Office of the Historian, U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of Defense
Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University
Research analyst, Korean Institute for Defense Analysis
Colonel, U.S. Air Force; Professor, Air War College
Director of Social Innovation, Computing Research Institute, Qatar Foundation, Qatar
U.S. Department of Defense
Director, HFR Platform, HFR Asset Management
Program Manager, Water-Energy Research Center, University of California - Davis
2011 PhD Graduates
Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations
Fellow, Urban Education Foundation
Program Officer, MacArthur Foundation
Researcher and Lecturer, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Lecturer, Northeastern University Political Science Department; Theodore Sorenson Research Fellow at J.F.K. Library
Diplomat, Egyptian Foreign Ministry
Teaching at National Defense University
Program Administrator, CIEE, Jordan
Ret. Colonel, U.S. Air Force; teaching at Army Command and General Staff College
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Center for Emerging Market Enterprises, The Fletcher School
Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University
Coast Guard Officer and Professor, U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Consultant, U.S. Army Project "Linking Output to Outcomes"
Previous PhD Graduates
Researcher and Policy Analyst, UN Economic Commission for Latin America in Chile
Officer in UAE Air Force
Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations
Assistant Professor, National Defense University
Colonel, U.S. Air Force, teaching at Air University
Lecturer, Bogazici University, Istanbul
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Law School
Director of Finance and Risk Management, Grupo Televisa, Mexico
Research Analyst in International Development, McKinsey and Company
Fellow, Rand Corporation
Assistant Professor, Naval War College
Executive Director, The Pluralism Fund
Deputy Director, International Center for Democratic Transition
Research Affiliate, Institute for Study of Labor, Bonn, Germany
Associate Appellate Counsel, Criminal Appeals Bureau
Manager of Education Initiatives, Center on Nonviolent Conflict
Lecturer in International Relations, Oxford Brooks University, Oxford, England
Vice President of Consulting Services, Vital Wave Consulting
Director of Terrorism Studies, Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Foreign Service Officer, Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Senior Consultant, Boston Consulting Group, Brussels, Belgium
Emerging Markets, Merrill Lynch, London, UK
Executive Vice President, Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute
Iraq Desk, U.S. Department of State
Office of the Director of National Intelligence; Adjunct at George Mason University
CEO, Barbados International Business Promotion Corporation
Program Consultant, Henry P. Kendall Foundation
Senior Tech Advisor, Catholic Relief Services
Faculty, Arts & Social Sciences, National University of Singapore
Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
Senior Advisor, NorgesInvestor Capital ASA
Associate Director, Regional Affairs, National Security Council
Senior Advisor, Political Military Affairs, U.S. Department of State
Specialist, Humanitarian Assistance & Human Rights, Congressional Research Service
Social Development Specialist, The World Bank
Senior Researcher & Director, Energy/Climate Change, Worldwatch Institute
Vice President, Corporate Relations, Exxon Mobil Ventures, Mexico
Development Resources Specialist, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Political Affairs Officer, UN Office for West Africa
Advocate, Supreme Court, Bangladesh
Political Analyst, U.S. Department of State
Assistant Professor, Lewis and Clark College
Analyst in Asian Affairs, Congressional Research Service
Director, Kokkalis Program, JFK School of Government
Principal, Marketing and Strategic Planning, OMR Inc.
Country Coordinator, UNAIDS
Senior Associate, The Henry Stimson Center
Partner, Goldfarb Intelligence Marketing
Associate Director, Davis Center for Russian Studies, Harvard
Director, Corporate Strategic Finance Qualcomm, Inc.
Institute for International Relations, Tehran University
Associate Professor, Carleton University, Canada
Marine Resource Advisor, Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority