Yannick Mireur, 1998

Yannick Mireur has founded Nexus forum, an independent platform that organizes select seminars on energy in emerging markets where policy-makers and industrial operators can network and exchange around energy matters.

Yannick started with Cambridge Energy Research Associates in Paris right after his graduation and has remained focused on energy ever since. After CERA, Yannick managed an independent think tank on international affairs and later joined the French Industry Confederation to work on international relations.

His Fletcher background contributed to his other activities as a writer. Yannick has founded and long edited a French quarterly journal on US affairs and has authored two books on US politics and society in French. In the first book he offered his vision, against the then European mainstream, of why America may not change as much as expected in case Barack Obama would win the 2008 elections. His other book, about America's role in the world, underlines how Obama's statemanlike mindset meets with the dominating feature of the 21st century, namely the aspiration of individuals, boosted by new technologies, to emancipate. The book also addresses US-China relations, analyzing the limits of China's one-party rule.

Yannick's work on the US has led him to become a frequent guest speaker on France's leading news channels, giving rise to a keen interest in communication.

His last book released in July 2014 is about French politics. It tries to clarify a confusing debate about how France can embrace reform, reinvent her role in the world around her scientific tradition and rich history of innovation.


Privatization, Industry Integration and International Politics: the case of energy and the role of business leadership in South America

Fields of Study

  • International Political Economy

Education before Fletcher

  • Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, SciencesPo


  • French, English, Spanish, Italian


  • Après Bush: pourquoi l'Amérique ne changeras pas, 2008 ('After Bush. Why America Will Not Change')
  • Le Monde d'Obama, 2011 (Obama's World)
  • Hausser le ton!, 2014 (Raising One's Voice!)
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