Susan Banki, 2006

 Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology and Social Policy University of Sydney

My research and teaching interests are about human rights broadly and more specifically focused on refugee and migration issues.




  • Journals

    Banki, S. (2014). Bhutan: What future for minorities in the emerging democracy? East Asia Forum Quarterly, 6(1), 22-23.
    Banki, S. (2013). Precarity of Place: a complement to the growing precariat literature. Global Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs and Applied Contemporary Thought, 3(3-4), 450-463. [More Information]
    Banki, S., Valiente-Riedl, E., Duffill, P. (2013). Teaching Human Rights at the Tertiary Level: Addressing the 'Knowing–Doing Gap' through a Role-Based Simulation Approach. Journal of Human Rights Practice, 5(2), 318-336. [More Information]

    Banki, S. (2013). The Paradoxical Power of Precarity: Refugees and Homeland Activism. Refugee Review.
    Banki, S. (2013). The Transformation of Homeland Politics in the Era of Resettlement: Bhutanese refugees in Nepal and the diaspora. European Bulletin of Himalayan Research, 43, 120-143.
    Banki, S. (2013). Urbanity, Precarity, and Homeland Activism. Burmese Migrants in Global Cities. Moussons, 22, 1-21.
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    Banki, S. (2006). The Triad of Transnationalism, Legal Recognition, and Local Community: Shaping Political Space for the Burmese Refugees in Japan. Refuge: Canada's periodical on refugees, 23(2), 36-46.

    Book Chapters

    Banki, S. (2013). Refugee Camp Education: Populations Left Behind. In Lesley Bartlett, Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher (Eds.), Refugees, Immigrants, and Education in the Global South: Lives in Motion, (pp. 133-148). New York, United States: Routledge.
    Banki, S. (2012). Refugees as Educators: The Potential for Positive Impact on Educational Systems. In Margaret Vickers and Florence McCarthy (Eds.), Refugee and Immigrant Students: Achieving Equity in Education, (pp. 43-64). North Carolina, USA: Information Age Publishing.
    Banki, S., Lang, H. (2008). Protracted Displacement on the Thai-Burmese Border: The Interrelated Search for Durable Solutions. In Howard Adelman (Eds.), Protracted Displacement in Asia: No place to call home, (pp. 59-82). United Kingdom: Ashgate.
    Banki, S. (2008). Resettlement of the Bhutanese from Nepal: The Durable Solution Discourse. In Howard Adelman (Eds.), Protracted Displacement in Asia: No place to call home. United Kingdom: Ashgate.


  • 2013

    Filling the Social Justice Gap; Banki S, Rice S, Otto D, Kenny M, Hartley L, Stubbs M, Orchard P, Berg L; Office of Learning and Teaching, Australian Government/Innovation & Development.
  • 2012

    Refugee Activism and Social Movements: the Transformation of Homeland Politics; Banki S; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA).
    The Treaty Implementation and the Creation of Domestic Political Venues Research Group; Beem B, Smith R, Banki S, Shearing S; Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences/FASS Collaborative Research Scheme.

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Amherst College, 1991