Anthony Chase, 2000

Anthony Chase Professor Chase’s research and teaching interests focus on human rights, the work of international organizations, and the politics of the Middle East and broader Muslim world. Chase is author of Human Rights, Revolution, and Reform in the Muslim World (2012). The book rejects popular arguments that there is an incompatibility between human rights and the Muslim world and details ways in which human rights have long impacted the Muslim world’s political and social life, with revolutionary potential. Chase has previously written a range of peer-reviewed articles on human rights in Muslim societies in the context of free expression, economic development, sexual orientation, and public health. In addition, he was guest editor of a special volume of the Muslim World Journal of Human Rights, titled "The Transnational Muslim World, Human Rights, and the Rights of Women and Sexual Minorities" (2007). His first book, Human Rights in the Arab World: Independent Voices (co-edited with Amr Hamzawy, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006), focused on the Arab world's internal articulations of human rights and their intersections with Islam, globalization, transnational advocacy, and the politics of key states such as Egypt, Morocco, and Yemen. Chase has received Harvard Law School, Fulbright and U.S. Institute of Peace fellowships, among others, and has worked with Arab and transnational non-governmental organizations, as well as with the World Health Organization, the United Nations Development Program, and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.