Ali Asghar Kazemi, 1978

 Dr. Kazemi has served as a career naval officer in the Iranian Navy since he graduated from the French Ecole du Commissariat de la Marine in 1963. He stayed in the navy up until 1995 with the rank of rear-admiral. In the last 20 years or so (i.e. after revolution in Iran), he mainly served as Legal Advisor for the Law of the Sea to the Commander in Chief of the Iranian Navy as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while teaching at various academic levels within the Iranian Armed Forces such as: Staff College and National Defense University. Since obtaining Ph.D., Dr. Kazemi has also taught in various universities in Tehran.

Professor Kazemi has written expensively on various subjects such as: International Law and Relations, Environmental Law, Law of War, Politics, Management, Sociology, Culture, etc. He is known as specialist in “Crisis Management" in Iran.


  • Toward a Regional Sea Concept: Problems, Prospects and Implications for International Relations

Fields of Study

  • International Relations, Security studies

Education before Fletcher

  • French "Ecole du Comissariat de la Marine" Toulon- France.1959-1963
    US Navy Supply Corps School, Athens, Georgia,1968
    US Naval Post-Graduate School, Monterrey, California, 1970

Experience before Fletcher

  • Iranian Navy Career officer


  • French, English, Persian


He is a winner of the 'Book of the Year Prize', Islamic Republic of Iran for his book titled :International Relations in Theory and Practice (1994). He is also the winner of the first prize for research oriented to Iran-Iraq War for his book titled : Legal Dimensions of the Prospects for Peace Between Iran and Iraq,( 1999).

Has been awarded “Nishan-e Danesh” Medal of Knowledge for his outstanding scholar achievement before the Revolution in 1974


The Following is a List of Books in Persian By: Ali-Asghar Kazemi

1. Modern Diplomacy in an age of Revolution in International Relations, Tehran: Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS), 1985. Bibliograhy, Index.
2. International Crises Management, Tehran: Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS), 1986. Bib., Index.
3. The Role of Power in Society and International Relations, Tehran: Ghomes Publisher, 1988. Bib., Index.
4. Legal Dimensions of Iran's Sovereignty in the Persian Gulf. Tehran: Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS), 1988, 1991, 1993.Bib., Index.
5. Integration Theory in International Relations, Tehran: Ghomes Publisher, 1988. Bibliography, Index.
6. International Relations in Theory and Practice, Tehran: Ghomes Publisher, 1993, 1995, 1998. Bibliography, Index. (Winner of the Book of the Year Prize, 1994)
7. The Crises of Modernity and Political Culture in Contemporary Iran, Tehran : Ghomes Publisher, 1996. Bibliography, Index.
8. Ethics and Politics: Political Thoughts in Praxis, Tehran: Ghomes Publisher, 1996. Bibliography, Index.
Curriculum vitae 5
9. Method and Insight in Politics, ( A Philosophical, Scientific and Methodological Approach), Tehran: Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS), 1995. Bib., Index.
10. Politimetrics: Quantitative Methods in Politics and International Relations, Tehran: IPIS. 1995. Bib., Index.
11. Legal Dimensions of the Prospects for Peace between Iran and Iraq, Tehran, Islamic Cultural Propagation Publishing Co. 1998. (Fist Prize Winner of the 8th Anniversary of the Iran-Iraq War. 2000) . Bib., Index.
12. The Crisis of Modern Society, Moral and Cultural Decline of Modernity, Tehran :  Islamcpo Publishing Co. 1999. Bib., Index.
13. Public Policy and Political Management, Tehran : Islamcpo Publishing Co. 2000. Bibliography, Index.
14. The Seven Pillars of Politics, Tehran: Islamcpo Publishing Co. 2000. Bib., Index.
15. Globalization of Culture and Politics, A Critical and Epistemological Analysis. Tehran : Ghoomes Publishing Co. 2001. pp.335 + Bib. + Index.
16. The End of Politics and the Last Myth : Critical Order in the Post-Political 21st Century. Tehran : Ghoomes Publishing Co. 2001.

List of most recent papers in English and French Last update December 2009
These papers and articles appear in : Middle East Academic Forum, Strategic Discourse, Scholar e-Journal, Iranian Journal of Law and Politics, Pax Persica

Iran: Preparing for “Soft War” Iran, Beating the War Drums!
The Russian ConnectionObama: Between Idealism and Realism
Towards “Secular Nationalism” in Iran
* * *
Iran: Islamization vs. Secularization
Iran, Islam, and Secular Social Sciences
Iran: Roots of the Post-Elections Crisis
Rise of "New Nationalism"in Iran
* * *
Strategic Implications of Nobel Peace Prize for Obama
Struggling in two Fronts for Survival
Iran's National Security and the Nuclear Gamble
Iran's Post-Elections Political Environment
* * *
Iran's Elections 2009: The End of peaceful democratic Reforms
Who should be the Next President in Iran
The Logic of War against Taliban and Talibanism
Iran: Elections and Political Apathy
* * *
Iran National Interests Victim of Blind Radicalism
Prospects for Iran-US Negotiations
Legality of ICC Action against Sudan President
Strategic Games in the Middle East
* * *
Dilemma of Iran's Next President
US Democrats are Pushing Iran to the Corner
Obama and a World of Expectations
Strategic Implications of the Gaza Conflict

Iran-US Relations: From Enmity to Rivalry
Barack Obama and Iran (After Election)
Crisis of Governance and new Generation of World Leaders
US Economic Crisis and the Middle East
Iran: Corruption Scandal and Political Campaign
Iran at a Critical Crossroads
Obama: On the Footsteps of the White House!
Iran: The New Parliament and the Nuclear Case

* * *
Message of the Preemptive Strike on Syria
Iran: Affluence amid Poverty Iran's Selective Elections
Nuclear Delusion and Public Jubilation!
Iran's Revolution and Military in Politics
Iran: New Space Partner

* * *

NIE Report and Iran's Nuclear Challenge
The Global Context of Knowledge
Iran: Political Impact of the Cold

* * *

The Persian Hypocrisy(3)
Politics and Hypocrisy (2)
Politics and Hypocrisy (1)

Iran's Nuclear Crisis is not over
US Sanctions against Academics
Hope for Middle East Peace

Shadow of a new Cold War
Pax Persica Remembered
The Political Will of the Persian King

* * *
Diplomacy and Subversion: Iran-US Dialogue
Common Sense Strategy: US and the Middle East
Beyond Conventional Wisdom! The Logic of Iran's Defiance

* * *
The New Cold War (3)
The New Cold War (2)
The Battleground of a New Cold War(1)

* * *
Bush's Agenda for Victory
Iran Facing UN Sanctions
Iran and U.S. Democrats
The Fate of a Dictator
Recent Posts:

Previous Publications in English

Iran: Deadline, Defiance and Denial
Mid-East Crisis Outcome...
Iran: Heading for UN Sanctions

* * * *
The Art of Living in Terror
The Illusion of the "Greater Middle East"
Middle East Crisis Consequences
Iran and the Middle East Crisis( Q&A

* * *
Middle East New Turmoil...
Iran Testing West's Resolve on Nuclear Issue
The Third Generation of Iran's Revolution
Who's Dialogue? Iran-U.S. Hostile Flirt

Iran-U.S. Dialogue
Iran's Foreign Policy: The New Conservative Phase

The Dilemma of Iran's Foreign Policy...
Iran-U.S. Dialogue: Exhaustion of Diplomatic Remedies
Iran's Nuclear Gamble:Boldness vs.Prudence
Iran: The Moment of Truth

Strategy of Asymmetric War
The Hidden Message of Iran's Letter to U.S. President
A Letter to the "Great Satan"
The Dream of "Pax Persica"

Iran's Nuclear Euphoria
The Shadow of Terror over Iraq
If Iraq Falls Apart:A Worst Case Scenario
Strategic Implications of WMD Proliferation in the Middle

Security Dilemma and Threat perception in the Persian Gulf
Iran's Quest for Regional Hegemony
The Legality of U.S. Armed Intervention...


Articles en Français

L’Iran et le Défit Nucléaire
La crise de Moyen-Orient...
L'Iran: vers les sanctions de l'ONU
L'Art de Vivre en Terror

L'Illusion du "Nouveau Moyen-Orient"
Conséquences de crise de Moyen-Orient
L'Iran et la Crise du Moyen-Orient (Q&R)
Nouvelles agitations en Moyen-Orient...

Épreuve de l’ouest sur la question nucléaire d’Iran
L’Iran et la Troisième Génération de la Révolution
Quel dialogue? Irano- Américain Flirt Hostile

Le Dialogue Irano Américain: Épuisement des remèdes diplomatiques

Stratégie de guerre asymétrique
L'Iran: Le moment de la vérité
La politique étrangère de l'Iran
Le message caché de la lettre de l'Iran aux États-Unis

Une Letter au « Grand Satan »
Euphorie Nucléaire de l'Iran...Le rêve de "Pax Persica"

List of Selected Articles in Persian:
The Following is a List of more recent Articles in Persian, published in Iranian Journals
1. "The United Nations Organization and the New World Order, "in : Iranian Journal of Strategic and Defense Studies, National Defense University, Tehran, 1999.
2. "Idealism and Realism in Foreign Policy,"in Iranian Journal of Foreign Policy, No4(11),1998 3- "Conceptualization about Culture and Civilization,"in Political and Economic Journal (Ettela 'at), No.141-142, 2000.
3. "The Distorted Knowledge: Reflection on the 20th Century Political Thought,"in Political and Economic Journal ( Ettela'at) No.133-134, 1998.
4. "Method and Insight in Political Theory,"Political and Economic Journal (Ettela'at) No. 121-122, 1998. Ali-Asghar Kazemi 6
5. "A Journey to Tajikestan,"Central Asia and the Caucasus Review, No. 16. 1996, The Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
6. "A Critical Analysis of Political Methodology,"Political and Economic
Journal (Ettela'at), No.113-114. 1996.
7. "Theory of Surplus Value in Cultural Exchange Among Nations,"Political and Economic Journal (Ettela'at) No.99-100. 1995.
8. "The United Nations Organizations at the Threshold of the 21st Century,"Iranian Journal of Foreign Policy. No.1( 14), 2000.
9. "Civil Consciousness and Civil Society,"Collected Papers of the Seminar on Civil Society, Ministry of Culture,Tehran, Iran. 1997.
10. "The End of Politics and the Last Myth : Critical Order in the World of 21st Century"Political and Economic Journal ( Ettela'at), No.161-162. Winter, 2001.
11. "Ethical Foundations of Republican State,"Collected Papers of the Seminar on Republic.., Ministry of Culture, Tehran, Iran. 1998.
12. "Theory of Cultural Exchange and the Dialogue Between Civilizations,"Collected Papers of the Seminar of The Dialogue of Civilizations, Ministry of Culture, Tehran, Iran. 1999.
13. "The Post-Political Condition".. in Political and Economic Journal (Ettela'at), No. 163-164. Spring, 2001.

Monographs and Articles in English:
1. "Environmental Damage Assessment and Loss Valuation : Criteria and Techniques". 1998 . Prepared for the Environmental Claim of Iran Presented to the United Nations Compensation Commission UNCC. 1999.
2.  "Legal Basis of Iraq's International Responsibility for Compensation, with Respect to Damage Caused to the Environment During its Aggression Against and Occupation of Kuwait.1990.-1991. Environmental Claim....1999.
3. "Environmental Setting of Iran Before and After the Persian Gulf War." Environmental Claim... 1999.New edition, Spring, 2001.
of the Text click here to download the File No.3.
4. "Aggression Related Damage to Iran's Environment and Natural Resources: The Case of Iraq-Kuwait War of 1990-1991,"Environmental Claim......1997. New Edition Spring 2001.
5. Religion and Politics: In Search of Compatibility and Compromise - With Special Reference to Islam and Iran . ( Monograph ) 1986
6. "Peace Through Deception : The Iran-Iraq Correspondence,"in Farhang Rajaee, Iranian Perspectives on the Iran-Iraq War.. University Press of Florida, 1997. ISBN 0-8130-1476-X.
7. "Development and the Issue of Transit: The Case of Land-locked States of Central Asia and Caucasia "Iranian Journal of Foreign Policy, 1994
8. Iran's Maritime Strategy in the Persian Gulf, Monograph,1978.
9. Toward a Regional Sea Concept in a New Maritime Environment: Problems, Prospects and Implications for International Relations. Ph.D. Dissertation, The Fletcher School of law and Diplomacy, Medford, Massachusetts, 1978.
10. "The Issue of Neutrality in Contemporary International Armed Conflicts". (Monograph-1987)



Has attended various national and international conferences and presented papers on various issues regarding Iran, the Persian Gulf and the Middle East, including UCLA conference on regional security.