Alumni Publications and Presentations

2015 Publications

Golov, Avner. 'The Long Road is the Shortest Road: Iran’s Possible Routes to a Bomb', INSS Insight 729 (Tel Aviv: Israel's Institute for National Security Studies, August 6, 2015).

Kim, Jina. “Sources and Objectives of North Korea Foreign Policy: Identity, Values and Negotiating Behavior,” in Utpal Vyas, Ching-Chang Chen and Denny Roy eds., The North Korea Crisis and Regional Responses (Honolulu: East-West Center, 2015), pp. 3-19.

2014 Publications

Abbas, Hassan. The Taliban Revival: Violence and Extremism on the Pakistan - Afghanistan Frontier. Yale University Press, June 24, 2014.

Deese, David (ed.). Handbook of the International Political Economy of Trade. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar, 2014.

Gagliano, Joseph. "Congressional Policymaking in Sino-U.S. Relations during the Post-Cold War Era"
Routledge, Oxford, UK, September 3, 2014. 

Husain, Aiyaz. Mapping the End of Empire: American and British Strategic Visions in the Postwar World (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2014).

Kim, Jina. “An Analysis of Political Instability in the DPRK: Identity, Interest, and Leader-Elite Relations,” The Korean Journal of Defense Analysis Vol. 25, No. 1 (March 2013), pp. 87–107. 

Kim, Jina. The North Korean Nuclear Weapons Crisis: The Nuclear Taboo Revisited? Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.

Kim, Jina. "UN Sanctions as an Instrument of Coercive Diplomacy against North Korea," The Korean Journal of Defense Analysis Vol. 26, No. 3 (September 2014), pp. 315–332. 

Olesker, Ronnie; Kachuyevski Angela. “Divided Societies and Identity Boundaries: A Conflict Analysis Framework.” International Journal of Conflict Management, Vol. 25 Iss: 3. 2014

Olesker, Ronnie. “Law-Making and the Securitization of the Jewish Identity in Israel.” Ethnopolitics, 13.2: 105–121, 2014.

Özkan, Behlül. From the Abode of Islam to the Turkish Vatan: Making a National Homeland in Turkey. Yale University Press, 2012.

Özkan, Behlül. "Turkey, Davutoglu and the Idea of Pan-Islamism." Survival: Global Politics and Strategy August–September 2014.

Richardson, Courtney. Can the Hong Kong protesters and China compromise?. East Asia Forum, 2014.

Russell, Alison Lawlor. Cyber Blockades. Georgetown University Press, 2014.

2013 Publications

Berti, Benedetta. Armed Political Organizations: From Conflict to Integration. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013. 

Borgerson, Scott G. "The Coming Arctic Boom." Foreign Affairs. July/August 2013.

Dahl, Erik. Intelligence and Surprise Attack: Failure and Success from Pearl Harbor to 9/11 and Beyond. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 2013.

Giordano, Paolo, Jeremy Harris, Alejandro Ramos, Barbara Ramos. Trade and Integration Monitor 2013: After the Boom - Prospects for Latin America and the Caribbean in South-South Trade.  Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC. October 2013. 

Maloney, Suzanne. "Iran Surprises Itself and the World." The Brookings Essay, September 11, 2013.

Vrbetic, Marta. “Afraid of the Kosovo Scenario: A Disquieting Precedent for International Conflict Management.” Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding (Routledge) 7 (3): Fall 2013.

Wanis-St. John, Anthony. “Indigenous Peacebuilding” in R. Mac Ginty, ed. Routledge Handbook of Peacebuilding (London: Routledge, 2013)

2012 Publications

Gallagher KS, Grubler A, Kuhl L, Nemet G, Wilson C. 2012. The Energy Technology Innovation System. *Annual Review of Environment and Resources*.37: 137-62. 

Papa, Mihaela, and Nancy W. Gleason. 2012. "Major Emerging Powers in Sustainable Development Diplomacy: Assessing Their Leadership Potential." Global Environmental Change 22 (4) (October): 915–924. doi:10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2012.06.00 

Wanis-St. John, Anthony. "Impediments to Trade Across the Green Line in Cyprus: The Role of Classic Barriers and Trust," (with O. Gokcekus, J. Henson, and D. Nottebaum) Journal of Peace Research  vol. 49, no. 6 (November 2012): 863-872

Wanis-St. John, Anthony. "Nuclear Negotiations: Iran, the EU (and the United States)" in G. Faure, ed. Unfinished Business: Why International Negotiations Fail (Univ. of Georgia Press, 2012), Ch. 4

Wanis-St. John, Anthony. "Structural Dimensions of Failure in Negotiations" (with C. Dupont) in G. Faure, ed. Unfinished Business: Why International Negotiations Fail (Univ. of Georgia Press, 2012), Ch. 11

Wanis-St. John, Anthony. "Ancient Peacemakers: Exemplars of Humanity," ch. 35 in Nan, Mampilly & Bartoli, eds., Peacemaking: from Practice to Theory (Praeger, 2012), Ch. 35

2011 Publications

Olesker, Ronnie. “Israel’s Societal Security Dilemma and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process.” Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 17.4: 382–401, 2011. 

Wanis-St. John, Anthony. "Back Channel Negotiation: Secrecy in the Middle East Peace Process."  Syracuse University Press, 2011.

Previous Publications

Mireur, Yannick. Le Monde d’Obama. Paris: Choiseul, 2011.

Mireur, Yannick. Apres Bush: Pourquoi l’Amerique ne changera pas. Paris: Choiseul, 2008.