Like students in Fletcher’s master’s degree programs, those pursuing a Fletcher PhD create a program that reflects focus through a primary Field of Study, with the breadth that is characteristic of the interdisciplinary approach to international relations. PhD students may select from the full range of courses offered at Fletcher, in addition to some PhD student-only classes.

Primary PhD Fields of Study include:

A second Field of Study may be any other Field of Study offered at Fletcher.

Shaping Your Degree

The Fletcher School provides many opportunities for students to supplement their education with coursework and research at our partner universities. Students may cross-register for up to one-quarter of their classes at one of the Tufts graduate schools or any of the Harvard graduate schools.

Exchange programs offer additional opportunities for students to individualize their Fletcher study. Fletcher offers exchange programs with some of the world's leading professional schools and graduate programs. PhD students may pursue an exchange program in Germany through Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. For more details, please see the Exchange Program page of our website.

Roxanne Krystalli, Greece

It is very difficult to pick just one favorite class or learning opportunity at Fletcher! The "Gender, Culture, and Conflict in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies" course, co-taught by Professors Dyan Mazurana and Liz Stites, exposed me to a mode of thinking about violence that has shaped both the questions I ask in my research and the literature on which I draw to answer them...The faculty at Fletcher are not only subject-matter experts in their fields, but also willing to guide students through the questions they need to ask themselves as they approach their own research and careers.


Thomas Burke, United States

The flexibility of the Fletcher curriculum allows me to explore a range of disciplines that serve to further enhance my depth and breadth of knowledge on security-related issues ... At The Fletcher School, students are provided the flexibility to pursue new knowledge in any direction of interest. The flexibility of the Fletcher curriculum provides students with a wide range of research opportunities, no matter their primary fields of study.