The Fletcher School: Orientation 2014-2015

Student Employment

What is work-study?

Work-study is a form of financial aid designed to assist students in meeting educational expenses. Awarded as a part of the financial aid package, work-study awards are dispensed by the Financial Aid Office per semester. Students who accept this award utilize it through on and off-campus employment. Students are paid each week for hours worked through their work-study positions. On-campus work-study positions are designated as such by various departments on the Tufts campuses. Off-campus work-study positions are community service jobs at non-profit organizations that directly benefit the community such as the America Reads Literacy Program. All community service sites are subject to approval by the Manager of Student Employment.

What about non work-study students?

Students not eligible for work-study can still obtain positions both on and off campus, by applying for positions designated as non work-study.

When can I work?

After you have obtained a position and completed the necessary paperwork (if applicable), then you can begin working. The academic year work period normally begins the first Monday in September after the Labor Day holiday and continues until Graduation Day. Regardless of the number of jobs held, Tufts' policy states that students are not permitted to work more than 20 hours per week (part-time) during the academic year. During the summer and other semester breaks students are permitted to work up to 40 hours per week (full-time). The summer work period usually begins the Monday after Graduation Day and continues until the beginning of the academic year work period.

Where can I find a position?

Most job openings in Fletcher departments are announced via the Fletcher Official email listserv. Incoming students will be added to this listserv by the start of classes. Available campus positions in Boston, Medford, Grafton, Somerville, and surrounding areas, are listed on the job posting Web site at Also, babysitting and camp counseling positions can be viewed in the childcare and camp books located in the Career Resources library.

Do I need to fill out any employment papers?

If you will be working for the first time through the Tufts student payroll system either on-campus or at an approved off-campus community service location, you must submit the forms and documents required for employment and ensure your payroll record is correctly set up for you. Complete details regarding work study can be found in the Tufts University Student Employment Manual.