The Fletcher School: Orientation 2014-2015

Professional Development Program

Overview: The Professional Development Program (PDP) introduces you to a portfolio of essential professional skills critical to finding satisfying international careers. Learning these skills gives you the tools you need professionally to succeed in the real world, as a compliment to the rigorous academic preparation you get while at Fletcher. You will use this skill set to manage your international career search while at Fletcher, as well as post-Fletcher.

Sessions: Most sessions include interactive activities to give you a chance to practice the skills you are learning. Assignments include short career development activities such taking self-assessments, writing a resume and informational interview email request, and creating an elevator pitch.

Schedule: Please check-in with the Office of Career Services (OCS) for the PDP Schedule.

Requirement: All first-year students are required to participate in the PDP in order to graduate from Fletcher. Students must attend orientation and seven of the eight remaining sessions, as well as complete the assignments, to fulfill this requirement. This will be treated much like the language requirement at Fletcher.