The Fletcher School: Orientation 2014-2015

Submit Fletcher Faces Bio & Photo

Fletcher Faces

The Fletcher School produces annually, Fletcher Faces, a booklet that provides general information about students, including photos, as well as photos of faculty and administrators. This printed publication is available only to members of the Fletcher community (Fletcher students, faculty, and administrators).

Deadline to submit your general information, biographical statement, and photo for inclusion in Fletcher Faces:  Tuesday, July 1, 2014

If you have questions about privacy, or you do not wish to be included in Fletcher Faces, please contact the Fletcher Office of the Registrar ( in advance of the July 1 deadline.

General Information and Biographical Statement

  • We ask students to provide some general information and to write a brief biographical statement (no more than 200 words) to be shared with their fellow Fletcher students.
  • The brief bio should include highlights of your pre-Fletcher career, as well as your current academic interests, and should be written in the first person.  For example, please write "I love to travel" and do NOT write, "Jim Smith loves to travel."
  • Fletcher Faces also includes general information about where you completed your undergraduate degree and when you graduated, the foreign languages that you speak other than English, your hometown (city, state, and country), nickname/preferred name, and the name of spouse/partner (if applicable). The objective in publishing this information is to enable you to network with your classmates for career, academic, and social purposes.
  • Important to Note: Please only submit (by the July 1 deadline) the General Information and Biographical Statement to our office via the Survey Monkey New Student Information online form available at this web link:
  • You'll see that the Survey Monkey New Student Information online form only form also prompts you to provide your "Preferred First and Last Name for Name Tag and Name Tent." You will need to bring your Name Tent Card to all classes and you will need to wear your Name Tag to all Fletcher networking events.
Photo Submission
  • All JPEG photos must be submitted to for inclusion in Fletcher Faces.
    (Please DO NOT attempt to submit your jpeg photo through the Survey Monkey New Student Information Online Form.)
  • The photo should be labeled with your name in the following manner: LastName,FirstName.jpg.
Photo Requirements

Please note the following requirements when submitting your photo:

    - The image file is in JPEG format and ends with the .jpg filename extension.
    - The image file is not more than 3 MB.
    - The image must be in color and feature a clear, full-face view of only you.
    - You must be wearing normal street attire.
    - You may not wear a hat or dark glasses

    - The background must be plain white or off-white.
    - The photo must be sufficiently recent (within the last 6 months and be a good likeness)
    - Your face is at least 300 pixels in width and height (the more pixels the better).