Arrogant MBA Students are Products of Role Modelling: FT Op-Ed by Olaf Groth (F97)

Financial Times

I have read the following criticism about business school students and recent graduates many times: “They are arrogant.” One executive even complained that some graduates of the best schools “are so full of themselves that they can hardly walk straight”.

Are MBAs really arrogant? If so, why are they, does it matter and if so what should we do about it?

What do people mean when they say “arrogant”? Are they saying that business school students are opinionated and rather self-assured? If so, then the shoe probably fits.

Ultimately business people have to make decisions. And that is how the reward systems work: defend your point of view, act on it and show results, the faster the better, because time is money. No surprise, then, that western business schools have trained their students to converge on strong opinions and demonstrate reductionist behaviour.

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