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Statement Regarding Former President Saakashvili of Georgia

In regard to former President Saakashvili, please refer to the U.S. Department of State's statement issued Sunday:

"The United States is concerned by the decision of Georgian authorities to call former President Saakashvili for questioning in multiple criminal investigations.  No one is above the law, but launching multiple simultaneous investigations involving a former President raises legitimate concerns about political retribution, particularly when legal and judicial institutions are still fragile.  As discussed at the highest levels when Prime Minister Garibashvili visited Washington in February, the United States urges Georgia’s leaders to focus the nation's energies on the future, a strong economy, continued reform of the justice sector, and rapid progress on Euro-Atlantic integration."

As the world turns its attention to the tensions between Russian and Ukraine, and to the greater Eastern European/Balkans/Caucasus region, Fletcher students will benefit from hearing the firsthand experiences of the former President and other regional experts, and will draw their own conclusions.
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