Civilian 'Smart Power' Key to Real Victory: USA Today Op-Ed by Dean Stavridis

USA Today

Dean Stavridis The Fletcher School
In this turbulent new century, the security of the United States will depend increasingly on how we engage, persuade, and inspire people in countries in the rest of the world.

To combat the global challenges America faces in the world today, we know that we cannot deliver security solely from the barrel of a gun. The United States must combine the tools of development and diplomacy alongside defense to create the stability and prosperity around the globe that is in our national interests, prevents conflict, and sustains peace. That's what we call smart power.

This may seem unusual coming from two former career military officers, but our experience tells us that America faces vastly different threats now than it did when we entered the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps during the Cold War. And that means we have to rely on new approaches to our security.

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