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Remember the Last Drought? 2013's Could Be Worse: Professor Islam Weighs In


Ongoing winter storms won't be doing much to relieve some drought-stricken areas of the U.S. In fact, conditions could get worse in the Southwest and Southeast, according to the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration.

NOAA last week forecast below-average precipitation for those regions this winter, meaning that "after some relief during the past few months," the Southwest's three-year drought is likely to redevelop and spread to the Southeast...

...NOAA's forecast on the winter drought is somewhat contradictory, said Shafik Islam, professor of water diplomacy at Tufts University [and Professor at The Fletcher School].

"It's a slight negative bias toward drought conditions, and based on conditions that might not happen. They could be right, they could be wrong," he said. "Our ability to do forecasting is limited."

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