Making Renewables Connect to the Military’s Energy Security Framework: Op-ed by Michael Baskin (PhD Cand.)

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With $7 billion on the table, the Army has been procuring a lot of renewable energy lately.

The latest announcement comes from the Army’s Energy Initiatives Task Force and the US Army Corps of Engineers, which jointly selected thirteen biomass vendors to compete for future orders. This is the fourth selection of vendors in recent months from the geothermal, solar, and wind industry, and is an important policy implementation step for the Department of Defense’s (DOD) path to energy security. 

Collectively, these vendors were not awarded specific task orders, but instead were selected to compete with each other for individual orders in the future. When those orders roll out, the vendors will pursue a slice of the $7 billion the Army plans to spend over the next three decades. As noted in recent Army announcements, the renewable energy generation systems will be “designed, financed, constructed, operated and maintained by contractors using private sector financing.” In its current purchasing framework, the Army will buy renewable energy through power purchase agreements (PPA), and private industry will bear all of the upfront capital costs.

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