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Professor Martel Discusses Global Warming's Impact on Violent Conflict

The Daily Caller

William C. Martel is Associate Professor of International Security Studies at The Fletcher School, Tufts University.

Study Says Global Warming Will Lead to Wars, Experts Disagree

People get much angrier when it’s hot outside. Does this mean that global warming could lead to more violent conflicts? A controversial new study makes exactly that claim, but national security experts are already challenging the conclusion.

The study published in the journal Science argues that throughout history shifts in the earth’s climate have been associated with violent conflict, and global warming could mean that conflicts will increase in areas around the world….

...However, other national security experts and scholars are skeptical of this conclusion.

“There is no consensus in the scholarly or policy communities as to what factors specifically contribute to, much less cause, conflict,” William Martel, associate professor of international security studies at [The Fletcher School at] Tufts University, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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