Women in International Politics: An Essential Element -Torrey E. Taussig (F14)

Women in International Politics: An Essential Element

For too long, women were viewed as victims — of discrimination and illiteracy, of violence, and confined to deferential positions in society because of once-unbreakable cultural and religious traditions.

But as the tide of democracy sweeps the globe, women are becoming a growing force on the world stage. We are seeing a new voice of activism emerge, which is speaking out to defend freedom and advance civil liberties and human rights.

This movement seeks to dismantle repressive regimes in Asia and the Middle East while working to build more just, progressive and prosperous nations. This revolution is occurring around the world—from Asia and the Middle East to America.

Despite the strident clamor for democracy, the role of women in democratization is dramatically less clear and powerful than it should be. Unfortunately, this is precisely the moment when their voices are needed most.

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