The Edward R. Murrow Center of Public Diplomacy

The Murrow Collection & Archives

The Fletcher School's Murrow Collection consists of papers, correspondence, drafts and broadcast copies of news broadcasts from Murrow's career as a broadcast journalist. In addition to the papers, there are approximately 1,600 books shelved in the Murrow Memorial Room where Murrow memorabilia are also displayed -pictures, framed awards and citations, plaques, honorary degree hoods, medals, war mementos, bound volumes of scripts, and pamphlets. The oak table used by the Murrows in their London apartment during the War years, and two large black leather chairs and rug from their Pawling, New York home, were given to the Murrow Memorial Room.

Tapes, films and phonograph records are stored in the Tufts Digital Collections and Archives at Tisch Library, who has stewardship over the collection. CBS News is the donor of "File and Reference" prints of the two McCarthy 16mm films (March 9 and April 6, 1954) and the Murrow obituary film, "An Hour with Ed Murrow," and has agreed to donate additional Murrow films. The tape and film portion of the Collection represents a potpourri of materials, including Umatic video tapes, 10" audiotape reels, 7" audiotape reels, 5" audiotape reels, audio cassettes and 16mm films.