The Edward R. Murrow Center of Public Diplomacy

The Murrow Collection

The Murrow Center was established in 1965 as a memorial to the man whose distinguished reporting and analysis of world news and imaginative leadership of the United States Information Agency set a standard of excellence in the field. Mr. Murrow’s library, a number of awards, and certificates are housed in the Murrow Memorial Room, which also serves as a special seminar classroom and meeting room for Fletcher activities. The Tufts Digital Collections and Archives houses his papers, photographs, and a collection of tape recordings and select video footage of the legendary namesake.

Check out some of the amazing photographs and other resources about Edward R. Murrow at the Tufts Digital Library. Enter “murrow” as the keyword.

Further information about the contents of the Murrow Collection, including a description of items and how to access the collection can be found at the Tufts Digital Library.

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Introduction to the Original "This I Believe" Program

Audio: Edward R. Murrow introduces "This I Believe" to the audience and describes its purpose.

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