Faces of Our Community

Faces of Our Community Spring 2016

At Faces of Our Community, star alums from The Arts of Communication course recreate some of the most memorable 5-minute speeches to date. The event is held in "TEDx" style with opportunities for speakers and audience to interact and reflect on the wealth of topics presented.

Thank you to the Spring 2016 speakers for sharing their stories:

  • Evan Sparks-Depass - “Silence”
  • Kana Miyamoto - “Earthquakes Create”
  • Mike Meldonian - “The Power of Listening”
  • Shivanee Sen - “P”
  • Ian Wallace - “Blank Space”
  • Wendy Yu - “50 Shakes of Feminism”
  • Tanay Tatum - “The Politics of Respectability”
  • Erika Hillstead - “How to Stop Contacting Your Ex”
  • Hungyen Nguyen - “Go With The Flow”
  • Yao Wu - “Embracing New Motherhood”
  • Anais Jurado - “Differently Able”


Faces of Our Community Fall 2015

In Fall 2015, Faces of Our Community was held at Fletcher's ASEAN Auditorium on December 2nd.

Faces of Fletcher

A sincere thanks to all that made "Faces of Our Community" such a success. A special note of appreciation for the speakers who took the time to recreate such powerful speeches for us. Watch a selection of speeches below:

  • Brad Toney - Who Is Lilly, Really?
  • Zdenka Myslikova - Moving the Mountain
  • Vika Planson - Women and Girls: How Micro-aggresions Shape Perception
  • Shivanee Sen - LGBT Rights (A Return to Traditional Indian Values)
  • Raha Francis - Treat Others As They Want to be Treated
  • Mary Dulatre - Chicken Wing Diplomacy
  • Brian O’Keefe - Freedom
  • Alex Schulte - Thankless Public Service (TSA)

Additional speakers for the evening included:

  • Ellen Harvey - Roots
  • Slide Kelly - What Do Tufts Students Definitively Know?
  • Leland Lazarus - Dream Scholarship (TEDx Santa Monica Video and Discussion)
  • Arslan Muradi - English is Strange
  • Tamta Otiashvili - Light at the End of the Tunnel

Brad Toney "Who is Lilly Really"

Zdenka Myslikova "Moving the Mountain"

Vika Planson "Women and Girls How Microagressions Shape Perception"

Shivanee Sen "LGBT Rights A Return to Traditional Indian Values"

Raha Francis "Treat Others As They Want to be Treated"

Mary Dulatre "Chicken Wing Diplomacy"

Brian O'Keefe "Freedom"

Alex Schulte "Thankless Public Service"