David Rothes

David Rhodes, chairman of CBS News, will be chairman of a new Murrow Center Advisory Board.

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See Attappadi capstone

Sreedhar Nemmani capstone on local civic media in Indian villages was honored as the first Murrow Occasional Paper.

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Latin American digital rights and press freedom experts meet in Bogota with tech industry reps in a Murrow initiative.

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Lester Holt

NBC Anchor Lester Holt spoke at the Murrow Forum in April.

Econo Fact carousel

The Murrow Center launches publication designed to re-Introduce facts into national debate.

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Colin Crowell

Colin Crowell, head of global public policy at Twitter, spoke on the sensitivities and influence of Twitter diplomacy.

National media consultant and TV commentator Adam Goodman will serve as a Senior Strategic Fellow

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In the Ideas Exchanges run by Deputy Director Mihir Mankad, students and faculty do their own Ted-type presentations.

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Murrow Center Activities

Cyberspace and World OrderPart of the center’s research is a school initiative on Cyberspace and World Order. Faculty, students and alumni are collaborating in disciplinary study to understand a crucial unknown of our times, the impact of digital disruption and cyber developments on nations and the international system.

Skills StudentsThe center and Fletcher offer courses, workshops, mentoring and live
programs for students to develop media skills for policy impact through:
  • opinion writing
  • video production
  • public speaking
  • giving interviews
  • UX design
  • podcasting

Fletcher Ideas ExchangeIn addition to speakers and symposia, the Fletcher Ideas Exchange is a TED-type event staged by Deputy Director Mihir Mankad around a provocative theme. This year’s is with the Human Security Institute under a Carnegie grant to bridge the gap between academe and policymakers in improving government legitimacy in weak states.

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Re-designing the US government’s international communications strategy, training Latin American legislators on digital rights, producing student videos and multimedia articles, publishing a global platform with international partners to compare analytical points of view…these are some of the Center’s major ongoing projects.


Harry RadliffeThe Murrow Center is pleased to announce The Harry A. Radliffe II/CBS Endowed Scholarship for Fletcher students interested in news media, public diplomacy, and the impact of cyberspace on global relations. Scholarships are made possible by the generous support of CBS and the estate of Harry A. Radliffe, F’73. Applications are open; awardees will be honored at a special event with CBS News Chairman David Rhodes this fall.

SpeakersSpeakers offer unique views and networking. Recent guests include CNN’s Anderson Cooper, 60 Minutes Executive Producer Jeff Fager, US State Department cyber head Christopher Painter, public relations CEO Sandra Coyle, Austrian internet privacy activist Max Schrems, CCTV reporter Wang Guan, and MIT Media Lab's Ethan Zuckerman.
Influencing the Debate

Good Governance Summit

  • The Edward R. Murrow Center for a Digital World will participate in  the Good Governance Summit to be held in Bucharest , 4-5 May 2017 . Corneliu Visoianu and Radu Magdin, Vice Presidents at Strategikon, one of Romanian’s leading think tanks and organizers of the summit, make a renewed case for good governance through [...]

  • Published articles, videos, and talks by students

  • Myanmar’s Religious Hate Speech Law, 5/5/16
    Michael Caster, The Diplomat, Tokyo, Japan.

    Documentary Cautions Against Clandestine Cyber Warfare, 5/2/16
    Kilian Blum, MALD Candidate, The Harvard Crimson, Cambridge, MA.

    Is the Smartest Officer the Best Officer?, 4/20/16
    Matthew Cancian, MALD Candidate, War on the Rocks.