Recent Publications

"The Deep Blue Highway," New York Times, 2 January 2007, op-ed by John Curtis Perry, Scott Borgerson, and Rockford Weitz

"Navigating the Swirling Currents of Change," Straits Times (Singapore), 10 July 2006, op-ed by Rockford Weitz, John Curtis Perry, and Scott Borgerson

"Breaking the Ice Up North," New York Times, 19 October 2005, op-ed by Scott Borgerson

Recent Studies/Papers

Of Sea and Shore - the American Global Port City's Internationalist Approach to U.S. Foreign Policy, Doctoral Dissertation by Scott Borgerson - [download the abstract] [full copy available at Ginn Library, Fletcher School]

Has a Non-State Armed Group Conducted a Revolution in Military Affairs? A Case Study of al Qaeda, MALD Thesis by Jeremy Harrington - [download the paper]

LNG Facilities in Urban Areas: A Security Risk Management Analysis for Attorney General Patrick Lynch, Rhode Island 

The Federal Reserve Bank of U.S. study "The U.S. as a Coastal Nation"

A World Ocean Mediterranean, MALD Thesis by Scott Borgerson - [download the paper]

Working Papers

Marine Productivity: Explaining Geographic Patterns of Economic Development, by Caleb McClennen - [download the paper]

Terror in the Straits of Malacca, by Lyn Debevoise - [download the paper]

Climate Change in the Arctic and its Implications for U.S. National Security, by Beth Chalecki - [download the paper]

Strategic Oceanic Chokepoints: Are They Still Important?, by Rockford Weitz - [download the paper]

Recent Student Paper Topics

  • America Under Attack: U.S. Coast Guard History and Homeland Defense
  • The Art of Landfinding in Oceanic Polynesian Navigation
  • “Freedom of the Seas:” An Historical Overview of Admiralty Law
  • Rachel Carson: Elements of Life in Endless Chains
  • The Loss of HMS INVINCIBLE, 1916
  • The X-Craft Raid: Crippling the TIRPITZ
  • Jacky Fisher: Admiral Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?
  • Responses to “Moby Dick”
  • The Role of the Japanese Submarine Force in the Pacific War
  • The Role of the Lighthouse in Cultural History
  • Arctic Ecology and the Conservation Movement
  • East Africa and the Oceanic Impulse: The Case of Zanzibar
  • Technology and the Imperial Russian Navy: A Study in Failure
  • Silver: The First Global Commodity
  • Oceanic Cuisines: Curry and East Asia
  • The Ocean as Source of Renewable Energy
  • The Spratly Islands and the South China Conflict
  • Is there a Market for Flags of Convenience?
  • Governing the Coastal Zone: Applying the Common Heritage of Mankind
  • Principle to Areas under National Control