Director's Message

John Curtis Perry

I have been at Fletcher for the past 27 years, teaching a variety of courses based in history but with an interdisciplinary reach. Over the past several years I have moved from regional to global studies, focusing on the evolution of oceanic societies.

We have formed a group of students and alumni, called “the Neptunes,” who meet frequently, often at lunch, always in congenial surroundings, to discuss various oceanic matters. The Neptunes were strong contributors to the syllabus of the Contemporary Issues in Oceanic Affairs seminar. Several of them participated in an overseas research trip to The Netherlands in March 2003. This was a brief foray to investigate the Dutch oceanic experience, both in its first explosive success in the 17th century and in its contemporary manifestation.

Inspired by this maiden voyage, over the last two years we have also visited and studied New York City, Britain, Iberia, China, Japan, the Pacific coast of the US, and the Malacca Straits. Click here for summaries of these trips. In March 2007 the Neptunes plan to visit the East China Sea region to study this important area of the world ocean within both historical and contemporary contexts. I invite interested graduates to correspond directly with me concerning these opportunities.

John Curtis Perry
Henry Willard Denison Professor of Japanese Diplomacy