Summer internships are a critical building block in Fletcher’s professional development process that leads to full-time employment after graduation. Recent summers have found MIB students in professional internships across the globe, building on their first-year foundation courses.  Students secure internships in the public, private, and non-profit sectors and in a diverse array of industries including investment banking, private equity in emerging markets, political risk consulting, high tech, environmental sustainability, economic development, and microfinance.  About one-third of the internships typically take place in the emerging markets, including Brazil, Chile, China, India, Mexico, Thailand, and Turkey. Click on a sector below to read more about student internship experiences.

Multinational Corporations

Grupo Altex - Mexico City, Mexico

“I've never appreciated my Fletcher education more than during my summer internship. Throughout the summer, I have had the opportunity to meet with diverse actors in the Mexican agricultural sector: from politicians and policy makers, to bankers, economists, and business owners. While the sector was largely unfamiliar to me, I felt that I was able to converse on par with each person , regardless of their sector. Furthermore, my MIB training helped me see how the different aspects of the sector could be understood holistically, an ability that made me a valuable asset to the firm. I plan to continue the work I have done this summer and use my thesis to examine opportunities for agricultural finance reform in Mexico.

My work at Grupo Altex was very diverse, but one highlight involved an impact assessment I wrote on the Derivatives Title of the Financial Reform Act. It caught the eye of a Senator who works closely with the sector, and it was only after we met that I found out that he had been appointed as the next president of Mexico's Congress! Another memorable moment occurred during a visit to our company's hydroponic lettuce facility in Guanajuato. It had been a long day of travel and meetings, and I was relieved when my boss pulled up to a colonial-era hacienda. As I entered the front door, who should greet me but President Vicente Fox and his wife! It was their family's hacienda that is now the seat of Fundacion Fox, an initiative to foster leadership and civic engagement in young Mexicans.”

Diageo Latin America - Miami, FL, USA

“My internship in Diageo’s global business strategy group included several different projects. My competitive analysis of the alcohol beverage industry in key Latin American markets covered marketing techniques, product lines, packaging trends, and areas of new investment. Another very different project involved the creation of "Reader's Guide" for World Health Organization's Strategy to Reduce Alcohol-Related Harm, to be used by Diageo Country Managers to implement relevant strategies in-country.

My international affairs classes at Fletcher were helpful in understanding Diageo’s Latin America market, particularly Professor Burgess' class on Democracy and State Reform in Latin America. I am planning to write my thesis on the premiumization of the alcohol industry and its effects on specific economies (namely Mexico, Brazil, and Poland). This topic was a result of my internship and will use some of the research from my competitive analysis project.

The highlight of my summer was attending the alcohol beverage producers' trade group meeting in Managua, Nicaragua. Having spent several weeks planning the meeting, it was great to attend and meet everyone in person. Conversations ranged from the current situation in Venezuela (with firsthand perspective from someone who'd moved from there just months ago), to the best places to go scuba diving around Central America and the Caribbean, to the political situation in Nicaragua.”

eBay - San Jose, CA, USA

“My focus is on International finance and International Energy Policy, and I want to drive sustainability through energy efficiency and clean energy investments. My eBay internship as a Climate Corps Fellow through EDF was well-aligned with my goals.

I was responsible for finding opportunities for energy efficiency and making a financial case for them. I also analyzed eBay's energy strategy and made recommendations based upon forecasted energy consumption, and continued to work with eBay even after the summer internship ended.”

Service Master - Memphis, TN, USA

“I worked at ServiceMaster as a fellow in the Environmental Defense Fund's (EDF) Climate Corps program. ServiceMaster is a large company with about $3 billion in annual sales and 30,000 employees.  My responsibility was to work with its Fleet and Real Estate divisions to help create value through environmental initiatives. I conducted financial analysis on developing new hybrid trucks for the fleet. On the real estate side, I worked with the facilities team to evaluate building improvements for ServiceMaster's corporate facilities in Memphis.

My company was located in a part of the country with very few energy efficiency initiatives, and many of my colleagues were unaware of the opportunities. But they understood financial language. When I was able to show a positive NPV for new investments that would save both energy and money, they were more than willing to proceed.”

GE Capital Markets - Fairfield, CT, USA

“This internship related closely with my interest in project finance and my thesis topic, infrastructure financing for public and freight transportation.

My work involved research on funding strategies, business development in emerging markets, and financial modeling for funding of projects using GE wind turbine and GE  transportation products in emerging markets. Being involved with international projects in emerging markets and visiting Washington, DC to meet with government liaisons for GE gave me the opportunity to learn about a new realm of project finance.”

Microsoft Corp - Bangalore, India
“I spent my summer at Microsoft in Bangalore, India working for a group designing an ultra low-cost multimedia device, for information dissemination in rural areas and low-income communities. An interesting part of my internship was during the last week. I went to Delhi and presented the product in front of a panel that included Bill Gates. It was very exciting!”
Al-Hama - Jeddah, Saudia Arabia

“Part of my reason for returning to school was to change the regional focus of my career. I have a passion for the history and culture of the Middle East and have traveled extensively in the region. However, since I have no prior professional experience there, I used my internship to bridge this gap. My summer in Saudi Arabia provided me with my desired Middle East credentials, but it also brought much more. Having the opportunity to participate in senior executive-level decisions allowed me to truly understand the unique challenges that business leaders face in the region.

Working directly with the COO and CFO of a major luxury goods retailer, I conducted a profitability analysis of the company’s various product lines. To complete the work, I drew heavily on knowledge gained from my Managerial Accounting class at Fletcher, and even borrowed a slide directly from one of our lectures. I transformed the findings of this analysis into strategic recommendations which supported a major reorganization. As a result, the company is now developing a new store concept which will help it to better manage the severe capital constraints that are a fact of life for Saudi businesses.”

Other Multinational Internships
  • PepsiCo - Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Hitachi Research Institute - Tokyo, Japan
  • Chicago Bridge & Iron - Houston, TX
  • International Land Systems, Inc – Hefei, China