Summer internships are a critical building block in Fletcher’s professional development process that leads to full-time employment after graduation. Recent summers have found MIB students in professional internships across the globe, building on their first-year foundation courses.  Students secure internships in the public, private, and non-profit sectors and in a diverse array of industries including investment banking, private equity in emerging markets, political risk consulting, high tech, environmental sustainability, economic development, and microfinance.  About one-third of the internships typically take place in the emerging markets, including Brazil, Chile, China, India, Mexico, Thailand, and Turkey. Click on a sector below to read more about student internship experiences.


AltE Finance - San Francisco, CA, USA

“AltE Finance is a newly founded financial services firm that provides capital raising, strategic advisory, consulting, and research services exclusively to the alternative energy industry. My summer internship at AltE Finance entailed working closely with the company principal, a Fletcher alum, to support various aspects of the company’s business development efforts. Specifically, I prepared comparable company analyses (“comps”) for several renewable energy sectors, prepared presentations and pitchbooks, tracked capital raising and mergers & acquisitions, and wrote digests of notable announcements. In addition, I participated in meetings with prospective clients.

I found my experience at AltE Finance to be rewarding in several ways. The internship allowed me to gain practical investment banking experience while also learning about the renewable energy industry in greater detail. Moreover, I gained an appreciation of the challenges and opportunities inherent in starting a new company.”

Berenberg Bank - Hamburg, Germany

"The internship involved supporting the team in the acquisition and execution of M&A mandates. Specific tasks included research and analysis of companies and markets and execution of indicative company valuations with DCF models plus multiples of peer companies and similar transactions. Since I have a consulting background, the internship was a valuable opportunity for me to find out whether M&A could be of interest for me in the future, and I felt very well-prepared by the contents from my Fletcher finance courses."

Private Equity Firm - Kyiv, Ukraine

“While working for a Private Equity firm in Eastern Europe this summer, I was challenged with a difficult assignment. Advising the CEO of a growing retail grocery store chain, I helped to provide a solution for integrating 2 newly acquired competitors, which expanded the company’s portfolio from 7 to 80 stores. My work focused on producing a model for evaluating options for debt restructuring and analyzing store viability. I stepped in to help guide negotiations with local and international financial institutions, which led to securing new sources of capital for the company. Before returning to Boston, I was asked to delay graduate school for one year to become the CFO during this transition period. While flattering, I choose to return to Fletcher and am now writing a case study about the company for my thesis.”

Sovereign Bank/Santander - Boston, MA USA
"One of my concentrations is International Finance and Banking. In my internship, I wanted hands-on experience in a global bank, and working with the Large Corporate department gave me this. Through the easy access to managers and bankers, I gained a good overview of corporate finance, the specific banking field I was looking into. Being at Fletcher, I also place a high value on the global perspective. Through my interactions with the International Trade team, I learned a lot about Sovereign’s dealings with its Latin American and European counterparts, which helped me conceptualize the bank’s global reach and the competitive advantage it gains. This has helped me see upfront how many of my class teachings look in practice, which has been very rewarding."
State Street Bank - Boston, MA, USA

“This summer I interned at State Street, one of the world's largest custodian banks. My internship consisted of three different rotations: Sovereign Risk, Global Markets Legal, and Fixed Income. As I am pursuing a Banking and Finance concentration within my MIB degree, my internship was the perfect segue into the professional world of finance. There were many moments when I quoted my professors or applied concepts that we had discussed in class. I can honestly say I could not have undertaken this internship as effectively as I have without Professor Jacque’s Corporate Finance class or Professor Krohn's Global Macroeconomics classes! The best part of my internship was that it inspired my thesis topic and that it provided me with many new tools to undertake my research.”

Other Finance Internships
  • Barclays - New York, NY, USA
  • European Investment Bank - Luxembourg
  • Global Investment House - Kuwait
  • Lazard - Dubai, UAE
  • Risk Metrics/KLD – Boston, MA, USA