Michael Schlauch '13, United States

CargoMetrics, Analyst - Boston, MA
Analyzing global trade flows of major commodities at a technology-driven asset management company

The Fletcher connection: CargoMetrics, where I currently work, was started by two Fletcher alums.  The company is doing very well and proudly keeps close ties with Fletcher, hiring interns from the school each year.  My time at Fletcher allowed me to take my career in a new direction.  I couldn't have made the big jump I did without the Fletcher MIB program.

On the diversity of the school: Much has been said about the diversity of backgrounds you find at Fletcher, and I heard all the same things too when I was applying. Even so, it is still profoundly impressive once you actually get here and start meeting everyone. The first person I met was a member of the Japanese Coast Guard, and it happens that we both share a hobby of raising potentially dangerous animals (he breeds piranhas, I keep bees). Among my MIB classmates, there is one who was in Tunisia when the Arab Spring began, and another who worked on every major US military operation I have heard of in recent years. Central bankers, journalists, consultants, soldiers, economists, agronomists, diplomats - the list goes on. You can find every imaginable walk of life from every place you’ve heard of at Fletcher. In a complex world where people increasingly need to communicate across borders and across disciplines, the Fletcher milieu reflects the bigger picture.

Favorite Magazine:

The Week

Favorite Book:


Favorite Author:


Favorite Musician:

Duke Ellington

Favorite City:


Fields of Study

  • International Finance and Banking
  • International Energy and Resource Policy

Summer Internship

Consultant - CargoMetrics, Boston

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • International Business Club
    Fletcher Fútbol
    Asia Club

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, English; Asian and Middle East Studies, Northwestern University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Clinton Health Access Initiative, Program Manager - Papua New Guinea and Boston
    Harvard School of Public Health, Project Specialist - Boston, MA


  • Chinese