Prateek Prasad '13, India

Senior Product Manager, Oracle - Cambridge, MA

Other post-Fletcher employment
Product Manager, Progress Software - Boston, MA

Why I chose Fletcher: From the time I decided to apply to Fletcher until the time I arrived on campus, I felt reassured that there were people on the other side who were as much concerned about every little thing as I was. From the friendly admissions blog which I enjoyed reading as much as the daily newspaper, to the admissions chat sessions for addressing my concerns, to the regular emails from the admissions committee about my application status, I loved the personal touch. After the results were declared, my life swept towards a karmic path wherein out of the blue I began to meet many Fletcher alumni and students in New Delhi. Everyone I met had only great things to say about the school. Even though I had just met them, they were more than willing to help me make a smooth transition from India to the states. That's when I understood why they said Fletcher is a close knit community. I just had to be a part of it!

Something that surprised me about Fletcher: In one word, Energy! It's the energy level of people at Fletcher that just doesn't die out. It's the kind that resonates in every activity and is contagious. Be it studies, assignments, group discussions, readings, soccer, cycling, networking events, club meetings, bring-your-own-beer parties, barbecues, talks, road trips, social list, at every moment, every Fletcherite is doing something with full energy.

Favorite Newspaper:

The Hindu

Favorite Author:

Orhan Pamuk

Favorite Food:

Tandoori Chicken

Best Place to Study:

My cozy Blakeley room (I am not much of a library person)

Favorite Lecture Attended:

"The Value of Advice: The Tradecraft of Consulting Revealed" by George Norsig, CEO, NuuKo and David Puth, EVP, State Street Global Markets

Fletcher Capstone

  • Online Advertising: Transformation of an Industry

Fields of Study

  • International Finance and Banking
    International Political Economy

Summer Internship

Bloomberg BNA, EDF Climate Corps Fellow - Arlington VA

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Fletcher Energy Consortium
    Consulting Club

Education before Fletcher

  • B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati

Experience before Fletcher

  • Cooperative Farming, Central Himalayan Rural Action Group (CHIRAG), Project-Lead - Uttarakhand, India
    Technology Advisory Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers India, Consultant - Gurgaon, India


  • Hindi