Artavazd Hakobyan '13, Armenia

The World Bank, Food Safety Specialist - Washington, DC
I am the technical lead to the Global Food Safety Partnership - a public-private partnership that supports improved food safety systems around the world as demonstrated by enhanced agri-food value chains and improved public health outcomes.

Why I chose Fletcher: I came to Fletcher after more than seven years of experience in international development. Having traveled to many countries, and having worked across sectors, I realized that in the current changing world, new types of skills are being demanded from international development professionals. Now that the access to information has become relatively costless, and that technology is largely available everywhere, understanding of business in an international context is very important. As the world quickly changes, so do the challenges that it faces. Therefore, I wanted to acquire skills that will allow me to adapt and respond to the challenges quickly. Fletcher's MIB program helped me understand and evaluate factors that influence business decisions in a global context. These skills are not only valuable for businesses but also for international organizations and governments in this changing world.

Favorite Book:

Collapse by Jared Diamond

Favorite Band:

Rolling Stones

Favorite Cities:

Yerevan and Vienna

Favorite Landmark:

Garni Temple in Armenia (1st century A.C.)

Best Place to Study:

Group study on the 3rd floor of Ginn

Fields of Study

  • International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
    Strategic Management and International Consultancy

Summer Internship

World Bank, Agriculture and Rural Development Department, Consultant to Global Food Safety Partnership – Washington, DC

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • International Business Club
    Consulting club
    International Negotiations and Conflict Resolution Club

Education before Fletcher

  • MS, Agricultural Economics, Auburn University
    Diploma, Agriculture Technology, Armenian Agricultural Academy

Experience before Fletcher

  • World Bank, Operations officer - Armenia country office


  • Armenian