Jordan Fabyanske '10, United States

Senior Project Manager
Dalberg Global Development Advisors, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dalberg is a strategic advisory firm that works to raise living standards in developing countries and address global challenges.

Previous post-Fletcher employment
Booz and Company, Associate - Dubai, UAE
Management Consultant for the Public Sector with a focus on economic development, environmental sustainability, and organizational strategic planning

Fletcher Thesis: The Pace of Diversification Conditions Sustainable Economic Development: Lessons from GCC Countries

The people of Fletcher: “I was attracted to Fletcher first and foremost because of the people. I asked myself who I would most want to surround myself and work with as I launched a career in international development, and I thought: here they are. You would be hard pressed to find a more driven, diverse and contagiously enthusiastic group in the world. My Fletcher friends are among my closest. I count on them and the broader alumni network for offering personal and career advice, bouncing around business ideas, suggesting itineraries for travel to basically anywhere. We conclude most of our conversations with some mention of how awesome Fletcher is.”

Looking back on the intellectual diversity: “One thing that struck me about Fletcher was that many members of the faculty offer a distinct view of international affairs. In terms of political and economic philosophies alone, it is incredible just how many unique voices are represented across the faculty. The implication of this diversity is that students are challenged on their assumptions from what seems like every possible angle. I can't imagine a better way to prepare future leaders than to put them in this kind of environment. Some schools push students to think in a particular way as a means to build a school of thought or body of knowledge. Fletcher prepares leaders by exposing them to many schools of thought and pushing them to think for themselves.”



Fields of Study

  • Strategic Management and International Consultancy
    International Business and Economic Law

Summer Internship

  • Booz & Co, Public Sector Strategy, Dubai, UAE

Education before Fletcher

  • S.B. Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Experience before Fletcher

  • Office of the Secretary of Defense, Action Officer
    Booz Allen Hamilton, Consultant


  • Arabic, German, English