Frank D'Agnese '10, United States

Managing Director & COO, Enhanced Custody
State Street Bank, Boston, MA

Other Post-Fletcher Employment

Vice President, Securities Finance
State Street Bank, Boston, MA

Officer, Global Markets Strategy and Business Development
State Street Bank, Boston, MA

Fletcher Thesis: Bank Privatization in Egypt: A Case Study

On the competitive advantage of the MIB: “Two of the biggest forces shaping the financial services industry are globalization and regulation. A Fletcher education--and the MIB degree in particular--presented me with the best opportunity to understand these twin forces and what they will mean for the industry going forward. For me, Fletcher's unique competitive advantage was its ability to provide students with the international and policy perspectives to put a complex industry like financial services into context.”

Looking back on the classroom experience: “I enrolled at Fletcher just as the Financial Crisis of 2008 was beginning to mushroom. Prof Jacque recognized the unique learning experience that this historic time of change afforded. In addition to our regularly scheduled Finance coursework, he provided a daily play-by-play of the important events that were re-shaping financial markets. It was like as if our coursework had come alive! And we had the benefit of a skilled and experienced practitioner to be our guide in this journey into a new world.”

Fields of Study

  • Strategic Management and International Consultancy
    International Trade & Commercial Policies

Key Fletcher Activities

  • President, International Business Club 
    Researcher, Center for Emerging Markets
    Co-Leader, International Business Trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi
    Teaching Assistant, Petroleum in the Global Economy
    Teaching Assistant, Field Studies in Global Consulting
    Editor, Al Nakhlah Journal of Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization

Summer Internship

  • Al Hama, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Mechanical Engineering, Harvard College

Experience before Fletcher

  • SG Cowen Securities, Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst
    Canback Dangel Predictive Analytics Integrators, Management Consulting


  • Spanish