Diego Suquillo, 2015, Ecuador

Why the MIB: While I was working in Uganda as a Project Manager, I saw the benefits of using market-based approaches as a tool for inclusive socio-economic development. With that in mind, I started looking for non-traditional business programs that would allow me to explore the links between business, development, society, culture, and international affairs. The MIB program at Fletcher was the perfect fit for my intellectual curiosity. Top notch professors and an incredible student body are teaching me everyday the importance of retooling the core values of the private sector, developing and strengthening public and private partnerships, and reshaping philanthropy and international aid to address the the constantly changing challenges that arise at the intersection of business and society.

On the diversity of the community: In every room at Fletcher, the ambiance exudes diversity, collaboration, cultural sensitivity, and intellectual curiosity. I love that we can talk about social enterprise in India and Africa one day, political changes in Latin America and the Middle East the next day, and the Euro crisis later in the afternoon. I enjoy the breadth of international experience, as well as depth of knowledge, that of each my classmates bring to each session. The environment that we create at Fletcher pleasantly forces us to think out of the box.

Favorite newspaper:

El Comercio - Ecuador

Favorite books:

The Invisible Gorilla, Into Thin Air, Poor Economics, Thinkertoys

Favorite movie:


Favorite landmark:

Lake Bunyoni - Uganda

Most interesting person you’ve met at Fletcher:

Professor Kim Wilson and her work in financial inclusion

Fields of Study:

  • International Political Economy
  • Strategic Management and International Consultancy

Activities involved in at Fletcher:

  • Fletcher Business Club

Education before Fletcher:

  • BS, Agricultural Science, Escuela Politecnica del Ejercito - Ecuador

Experience before Fletcher:

  • Massachusetts General Hospital - Center for Global Health, Project Manager, Uganda
  • International Student Volunteers, Project Coordinator, Ecuador


  • Spanish
  • English