Ryota Ozawa, 2015, Japan

On diversity at Fletcher: I want to emphasize that diversity at Fletcher means not only the number of nationalities of the students but also the close communication between diverse students and faculty. Everyone at Fletcher has a sound intellectual curiosity and tries to understand other cultures’ ways of thinking, and treats their viewpoints with respect. I have enjoyed meaningful and exciting conversations with many students and professors on various topics, from Syria to Japanese-Chinese relations to more personal subjects like people’s families.

One thing that has surprised you: The students’ active participation in class surprised me a lot. I graduated from a Japanese university and got used to taking notes quietly during lectures. Therefore, I was surprised that the professors require us to state our opinions, and a lot of students actively seek an opportunity to talk in class. Although I was confused at first, I now see that listening to opinions from various people is an effective way to gain an understanding of a wide range of international issues.

Favorite newspaper:

Nikkei shinbun

Favorite author:

Kaoru Shoji

Favorite movie:

Good Night and Good Luck

Global Issue or problem that brought you to Fletcher:

Technological policy

Favorite location on campus:

Cabot 7th floor

Fields of Study:

  • International Business and Economic Law
  • International Finance and Banking

Education before Fletcher:

  • BA, Law, The University of Tokyo

Experience before Fletcher:

  • Japanese government; Nuclear Regulation Authority, Deputy Director, Tokyo, Japan
  • Japanese government; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Assistant Director, Tokyo, Japan


  • Japanese
  • English