Taylan Coban, 2015, Turkey

On the Fletcher community:

Being in such an international community makes me feel as though I am traveling all around the world just by connecting with my classmates. I have been amazed by the past experiences of my fellow Fletcher students and continue to learn a lot from them. Moreover, the international nature of Fletcher comes not only from its diverse student body, but also from the large number of events held throughout the year. On any given week, one might attend three different events where the speakers come from different continents of the world. Learning from the community is an indispensable part of the Fletcher experience.  

On the MIB:

When I decided to apply for a Masters' degree, I originally thought I’d apply to traditional business programs. At the time, I was aware of the Fletcher reputation and its longstanding academic tradition, but really only knew of the MALD program. After some research, I learned of the MIB and its dual approach teaching both business and international affairs. I like the MIB because it offers more than just an MBA, and students are able to gain competency in more than one field. In my professional life as a foreign trade expert, my first and foremost concern is to promote both the people and business environment in my home country of Turkey.  As such, I need to develop a better understanding of today's world business climate. Both the business world and our daily lives are getting more and more interspersed, and developments around the globe can have an effect on our lives no matter where we are. At Fletcher, I am looking to build a holistic approach to international business problem solving, while equipping myself with solid business competencies. I believe that education comes not just from the lectures one may attend, but also from the community one is a part of. Fletcher is the perfect fit for me as it quenches my thirst for learning with its longstanding intellectual rigor, while also allowing me to study in a collaborative international environment.

Favorite book

Lord of the Rings

Favorite movie

Saving Private Ryan

Favorite city

Canakkale, Istanbul     

Favorite location on campus

The grassy hill by the flagpole in front of the Ginn Library

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher

The current competition/trade-off between regionalist and global initiatives in international trade

Fields of Study

Development Economics

International Business Relations

Activities involved in at Fletcher

Diplomacy Club

Education before Fletcher

MA, International Relations, Koc University

BA, International Relations, Ankara University

Experience before Fletcher

Koc University, Research and Teaching Assistant, Istanbul, Turkey

Ministry of Economy, Foreign Trade Expert, Turkey