Scott Snyder, 2014, United States

Why I chose Fletcher: My graduate school search started three years ago, and I was primarily focused on MBA programs. After seven years of working in the non-profit sector, I wanted to gain some business skill sets that I lacked from my job. After a thorough search of programs, I realized the MBA atmosphere was not what I was looking for. Although I wanted to develop tools used in the private sector, I was still very passionate about international affairs and the role of politics in the world economy. When I began looking at International Relations graduate schools, the Master of International Business (MIB) program immediately caught my eye. The MIB program is a perfect fit with the first year core MBA curriculum and then a second year where I have the ability to craft my own direction.

A Quintessential Fletcher Moment: I experienced a "Fletcher community" moment before my first day class. Having recently set up my school account, I began receiving job notices for the coming year. I applied for a position that was similar to work I’ve done in the past, and submitted my cover letter and resume via email.  About 3 seconds after pressing send, I received the email I had just sent.  I worked for an organization with a strong email culture, so I knew exactly what I had done - the dreaded "reply-all". Yes, I replied to all of the students at The Fletcher School. Instead of receiving emails from my future fellow classmates making fun of my fatal error, I got replies admiring my well written cover letter, great work experience, and many “good lucks.”  Thankfully, I am not known as the “Reply-All” guy here - but trust me, it will not happen again.

Favorite magazine:
Runner's World

Favorite landmark:
Bryce Canyon

Most rewarding trip:
Operation Smile mission to Kashgar, Xinjiang Province, China

Experience when you felt farthest from home:
My first week living in Beijing

Fletcher alumnus you admire:
Bill Richardson

Favorite lecture attended at Fletcher:
Anything with Professor Weiss, teacher and resident stand-up comedian

Fields of Study

  • International Political Economy
  • Strategic Management and International Consultancy

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • ASEAN Society - Vice President
  • Asia Club
  • International Development Group
  • Running Club

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Political Science, Union College, NY

Experience before Fletcher

  • Program Development Manager, Senior Program Coordinator and Regional Program Coordinator, Operation Smile, Inc., Norfolk, VA; Hanoi, Vietnam; Beijing, China


  • Mandarin
  • English