Edward Lee, 2014, United States

Why I chose Fletcher: I have always been drawn to the periphery; the frontier where things are less defined, but also where new relationships and ways of thinking can be translated from one discipline to another - the so-called “messy middle.” So rather than opt for a conventional MBA, I ventured towards the margin in my search for a distinctive brand and experience. The Fletcher School fit perfectly. The school’s unique history, not only as a nexus of economics, business, politics and diplomacy, but also as a crossroads for open minds from every corner of the globe, has truly differentiated it from other more narrow-focused graduate schools. As geographic and academic boundaries are increasingly becoming more blurred, an understanding of the interconnections has become essential. I find Fletcher to be the premier institution positioned to fill this need.

On the Fletcher Academic Experience: One of the greatest strengths of Fletcher is the ability to pivot from one intellectual pursuit to the next, bringing in multiple perspectives on a core issue. One example of Fletcher’s broad academic net is its wide variety of classes on the energy sector and its tangential industries. Whether your career focus is in commodities, renewables, environmental safe-keeping, or in business, policy, or security studies, the Fletcher curriculum not only helps you establish your core competency, but also provides contextual awareness of the other key factors involved. Also, the intellectual depth and warm fervor with which the professors engage the students seem to be understated.

Favorite food:

Favorite website:

Experience when you felt farthest from home:
Finding my way home from Baghdad, Iraq

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher:
North Korea

Issue you know nothing about but find fascinating:
Rare earth metals mining and exploration

Favorite place to study on campus:
Third floor of Ginn Library

Fields of Study

  • International Business and Economic Law
  • Pacific Asia
  • International Finance and Banking

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Fletcher Political Risk Club
  • Asia Club

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Cognitive Science, University of California, Berkeley

Experience before Fletcher

  • Training Officer, Tactical Air Control Squadron Two One, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Chief of Current Operations, Electronic Warfare Coordination Cell, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Electronic Countermeasures Officer on the EA-6B Prowler, Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron Two, Cherry Point, NC


  • Korean
  • English