Hidemi Bessho, 2013, Japan

Why I chose Fletcher:  Before coming to Fletcher, I was working for the Central Bank of Japan in Tokyo. I chose Fletcher’s MIB program because I did not want to concentrate my studies exclusively on finance. Stabilizing financial markets and implementing unconventional monetary policies are very big challenges, not only for market players, but also for every-day people. Basic financial skills and theory are essential, but non-financial issues are also critical for the future of the global economy. In the MIB program, lectures on corporate finance and accounting are mixed with courses in international affairs.

How I plan to use my experience at Fletcher to make a difference in the world: I will go back to Japan and continue working for the Bank of Japan. At Fletcher, there are many opportunities to network with market players outside of the classroom and many alumni are working for international organization like the IMF or the World Bank, etc. For a central banker, economic analysis based on financial theories, and using hard data, is critical for policymaking. But empirical and anecdotal information is also essential for monitoring the global economy. The network created here provides me with a deeper insight into changing global economy. Even among developed countries like Japan, its economic condition in recent years has been very severe, with many people suffering from these problems. By creating new policies and collaborating globally, I would like to contribute to global economic dynamics.

Favorite Newspaper:

Wall street Journal

Favorite Book:

What I Wish I Knew When I was 20 (Tina Seelig)

Favorite Movie:

Love Actually

Favorite Cities:

London, Seoul, Osaka

Fletcher Alumnus You Admire:

Shijuro Ogata

Fields of Study

  • International Political Economy
    International Finance and Banking

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Asia Club
    International Business Club
    Futbol Club

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Political Science, Waseda University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Bank of Japan, Financial Markets Department, Market Research Analyst - Tokyo, Japan


  • Japanese