Jose Ramon Armenta, 2013, Mexico

On campus life: The campus life at Fletcher is fascinating. If you spent a few minutes in the Hall of Flags at Fletcher you would probably hear half of the languages in the world. My fellow students have the most interesting stories combined with a great vision and intellectual curiosity to discuss the main political, economic, legal, and diplomatic issues that affect today’s world. The casual discussion you can have over a cup of coffee at Mugar Cáfe can be as interesting and rewarding as the classes and lectures you attend.

Why I chose Fletcher: Since I graduated from Law School, I have always considered myself as a non-standard lawyer with a certain interesting twist. I've dedicated my practice in law to mainly the financial sector, and after working a bit in this industry, I came to the conclusion that finance is an international affair on its own. I realized that markets and economies all across the world are naturally linked and closely connected. I decided that I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to be in contact with this international community. I first came in contact with Fletcher back in Mexico City when I met a recent graduate from the MALD program who explained to me the ideals of the school and the profile of the students who attended. As I continued my research for business programs, I decided that Fletcher was the perfect match for my goals in combining my legal background with business and finance. That was almost a year ago, and I still keep in touch with this alumnus.

Favorite Newspaper:

Financial Times

Favorite Book:


Favorite Author:

Haruki Murakami

Favorite Cities:

Paris and New York

Favorite Landmark:

Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza

Fields of Study

  • International Business and Economic Law
    International Political Economy
    International Finance and Banking

Summer Internship

State Street, Global Markets Strategy Group - Boston, MA

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • International Business club
    Micro finance club
    Latin American club
    Asian club

Education before Fletcher

  • Juris Doctor, Law, Universidad Iberoamericana

Experience before Fletcher

  • Mexican Banking Association, Lawyer - Mexico City, Mexico
    UBS Bank, Lawyer Compliance Expert - Mexico City, Mexico


  • Spanish