Juan Sebastian Abad, 2013, Ecuador

Why I chose Fletcher:  I have always been interested in economics and international issues. Prior to coming to Fletcher, I knew I want it to specialize in International Business. Just after completing my undergraduate studies in December of 2007, I noticed the MIB program. I knew right away it was the right one for my professional and academic interests. I knew I needed professional experience before attending a graduate program, and I ended up working for a few years in the private sector before my arrival here at Fletcher. I applied to a few MBA programs, but they couldn’t come close to offering that perfect mix between business and international affairs. I think this mix is the key to understanding economic changes and trends in today’s business world. The opportunities to learn about government policies that influence business, emerging markets from a socioeconomic perspective, the role of non-profit organizations and diplomacy while also strengthening business skills is the perfect balance at Fletcher. Finally, the reputation of the school, quality of the staff and faculty, and the alumni network helped to make my decision easy.

On the classroom experience: So far my favorite class is Petroleum in the Global Economy because it has given me the knowledge to assess the business aspect of the energy market, while at the same time covering  geopolitical issues that have significant influence on country policies. Teachers at Fletcher are top notch with great experience and excellent teaching abilities. The teamwork that is required in courses has been rewarding and practical. Working on a business or conflict project with people from every region of the world, from all types of backgrounds, makes the experience more interesting and helps us to learn so much more.

Favorite Magazine:

The Economist

Favorite Food:

Mexican Mole Poblano

Favorite City:


Global Problem That Brought You to Fletcher:

Latin America development for the 21st century

Favorite Place to Study:

Cabot Living Room

Fields of Study

  • Strategic Management and International Consultancy
    International Environment and Resource Policy

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • The Center for International Environment & Resource Policy 
    The Institute for Business in the Global Context

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Economics and Marketing, minor in International Relations, Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Experience before Fletcher

  • Analytica Securities C.A., Corporate Finance and Research Analyst – Quito, Ecuador
    Confiteca C.A., Sales Chief, Quito, Ecuador


  • Spanish