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It Might Be Cheaper to Leave Cash in the Bank: IBGC Study Referenced

Cost of Cash, The Fletcher School, IGBC

Paying with cash for anything other than a small purchase is becoming more rare, and many people use their debit or credit cards for everything they buy. 

They enjoy points and other benefits, such as not having to carry a wad of cash.

But isn’t paying as you go with cash a good idea if you have a problem charging too much on a credit card? It can be, but then again, you can’t use cash for online purchases or to buy snacks on many airplanes. ...

… “The Cost of Cash in the United States,” a [Fletcher School at] Tufts University report released last month, says cash is in fact costing Americans $200 billion a year, or $1,739 per household.

Original piece printed in The Palm Beach Post (subscription only) 

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