Looking For A Gender Gap In The Army? Try The Army Chief Of Staff’s Reading List, writes PhD Fellow Meg K. Guliford

Task and Purpose

On Aug. 9, U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley released his Professional Reading List, an annual collection of books recommended for Army and civilian personnel to better understand the range of military, economic, political, and future issues facing the service, the country, and the world. Our review of the list revealed a significant blindspot. Of Milley’s 111 recommendations, only one was written by a woman.

The lack of female authorship reflects a legacy worldview within the military that is shortsighted at best, and, at worst, biased against equality of women in society and the military. These lists signal the perspectives valued by the chief of staff as he considers his Army today, and its future plans. The skewed ratio of 111 male voices to 1 female voice communicates a leadership message of inequality that he should correct.

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