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Weather Patterns Likely to Get Worse Over Time: Prof. Moomaw


Parched Earth Policy: Are We Running Out of Water?

As Americans gather around their Thanksgiving tables for an abundance of food, it will be a sharp contrast to what some experts are calling a severe crisis — the scarcity of fresh water.

The scarcity, these analysts say, can no longer be avoided as the effects of a world water shortage will have life-threatening and global economic consequences.

"Our climate — whether you want to call it global warming or climate change — is different than it was 50 years ago," said William Moomaw, professor of international environmental policy at  The Fletcher School at Tufts University.

"To have a hurricane like Sandy in October just shows you how the oceans are warming. The weather patterns are only going to change even more and get worse as time goes on." said Moomaw, who is director of the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy at The Fletcher School.

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