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We're Reaching the Limits of Many Non-renewable Factors: Prof. Chakravorti

Bhaskar Chakravorti is a Senior Associate Dean at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University.

While the global economy remains in a deep funk, Dr. Bhaskar Chakravorti says the world is going through one of the largest periods of economic growth in history. He credits that to India and China each doubling their gross domestic products in the past 15 years, something that took the United Kingdom 150 years to do after the industrial revolution.

But that growth comes at a price, Chakravorti told the more than 50 students, professors and business people in a 90-minute lecture sponsored by Kennesaw State University’s India China America Institute on Thursday.

“We are reaching the limits of many non-renewable factors,” said Chakravorti, who heads the International Business Center at the Fletcher School at Tufts University near Boston. “Whether its natural resources, minerals, land, water — we’re running short of water, particularly India and China. And certainly clean air, and there doesn’t seem to be any way out of where we are. So what is happening is a lot of problems is being shifted away from the corporate centers of the community to the bottom of the pyramid.”

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