Shaping Your MIB Degree

In addition to the core curriculum of international business and international affairs classes, MIB students have the opportunity to customize their education to suit their own career paths. Regional studies courses and fields of study allow students to take courses that build on their individual interests, and a final thesis project allows students to partner with a faculty member to explore a particular topic in depth. All combined, these flexible aspects of the Fletcher curriculum allow students to build unique areas of expertise and marketable skills.

Fields of Study

All MIB students must choose two fields of study, one international affairs field and one international business field. This unique combination allows students to build core business skills in the area of their choosing along with knowledge in a particular international affairs concentration.

As an example, a student interested in national energy security might choose to combine the International Resource and Environmental Policy field with the Strategic Management and International Consultancy field. This combination would allow the student to build both management skills and an environmental policy background. On the other hand, a student with an interest in emerging markets might want to combine Development Economics along with International Banking and Finance.

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Regional Courses

Fletcher’s regional courses are designed to build cultural familiarity, political awareness, and economic knowledge of some of the world’s major business regions. The classes provide a strong foundation for students to navigate foreign cultures and global businesses. All MIB students take at least one regional course as a part of their curriculum.

Regions/countries covered are:

  • Africa
  • China
  • Europe (offered in English and French)
  • The Middle East 
  • Latin America 

Capstone Project

All MIB students work with a faculty advisor to craft a Capstone Project. This unique opportunity to create a substantial independent product allows students to build a real depth of knowledge and a niche area of expertise. Capstone Projects can be a strong bridge to the job search process, and many students choose projects that are of direct relevance to their intended career fields. Formats include cases, business plans, market research, and more traditional theses.