Core Curriculum

All MIB students balance their education by taking a series of required core classes in addition to having the flexibility to pursue individual interests through elective classes. The core provides a foundation of skills and knowledge while the variety of electives allows students to customize their education to suit their own interests.

During the first year, MIB students fulfill their core classes in international business and economics, with flexibility to take electives to support their international affairs core requirements, the fields of study, and skill-building for summer internships. During the second year, MIB students complete their requirements and take additional elective classes. Students have the option of participating in an international exchange program during the first semester of the second year. 

Year 1: Fall Semester



First Half

Second Half

AUGUST 13-24, 2018

Strategic Management

(1/2 credit)

Luncheon lectures and social events are also included.

Foundations in Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance

Financial Statement Management

Economics Requirement: Microeconomics (1 credit) or Managerial Economics (1/2 credit)



Year 1: Spring Semester

First Half

Second Half

Statistics: Data Analysis and Statistical Methods for Business

Global Macroeconomics

Choice of Regional Course (1/2 credit)



Marketing (1/2 credit)



Year 2

With the business and economics core requirements completed in the first year, the second year is used to complete the remaining international affairs core and field of study requirements. Class enrollment must total exactly 18 credits.