The Fletcher School awards over $7 million dollars in scholarship aid annually. Scholarship decisions are made by the Committee on Admissions and Scholarships based on merit and need. Need is assessed with the Fletcher Scholarship Application (included with the application for admission). Scholarships are renewable for the second year of study unless otherwise noted. Collectively, approximately 40% of MIB students' tuition is offset by scholarships.

All applicants who complete the Fletcher Scholarship Application by January 10 are eligible for scholarship aid consideration. No distinction is made between US and international students in awarding scholarship funds, nor do students need to apply directly for the particular scholarships listed below.

Through the Institute for Business in the Global Context, many students also support their studies with research and internship opportunities.


Schmidheiny Global Business Scholarship

Fletcher is pleased to offer the Schmidheiny Global Business Scholarship to MIB students who show leadership and promise in careers that involve the intersection of global issues and business practice. Fletcher is committed to supporting students whose interests lie in the interactions between the public and private sectors, the impact of foreign policy on management decision-making and strategy, and the growing range of international affairs trends impacting business. All scholarship recipients receive a full tuition scholarship. This scholarship is offered through the generosity of Thomas Schmidheiny.



Emerging Markets Enterprise Scholarship

Fletcher is pleased to offer the Emerging Markets Enterprise Scholarship to MIB students who are committed to fostering the growth of enterprises based in or operating in the emerging markets. Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of their knowledge of, interest in, and dedication to emerging markets enterprise issues. Topics of interest include particular geographies (not only the most recognized markets such as China and India, but also additional markets such as South Africa, Egypt, Indonesia, etc.) as well as issues related to the successful growth of enterprise in those areas (e.g. governance structures, new market entry, infrastructure, and intellectual property). Scholarships recipients receive minimum half tuition scholarship and opportunities to participate in research with the Center for Emerging Market Enterprises. Scholarship recipients need not be residents or citizens of an emerging market to be considered.


Harambe Fletcher Scholarship

Fletcher is pleased to offer the Harambe Fletcher Scholarship to an MIB or MALD student who is an Associate or Affiliate of the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance. The Harambe Fletcher Scholarship is a prestigious full tuition scholarship awarded to our most exceptional applicants who demonstrate academic excellence, professional leadership, and global experience with a focus on Africa. We are pleased to offer this scholarship in recognition of our partnership with the Harambe Entrepreneurial Alliance.


The Institute Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to MIB students based on both financial need and demonstrated interest and experience in the complexities of international business and management issues. These students exemplify the characteristics and interests of the Institute for Business in The Global Context.

Additional information is available in the Admissions section on Financial Aid and Scholarship Resources.

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