Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is a key aspect of Fletcher’s master’s degree programs, offering students the opportunity to produce a substantial piece of work examining a multidimensional international issue. This exercise allows students to build a real depth of knowledge in a particular area of focus. Capstone Projects can be designed for practical application, and thus can serve as a strong bridge to the job search process.  

The detailed requirements for any Capstone Project are determined after consultation with the supervising faculty member and can take a wide range of formats, including, but not limited to:

  • A traditional academic research thesis
  • A policy paper (for example, for a government, an NGO, or an international organization, whether or not for an actual client)
  • An operational plan (for example, in development, business, public diplomacy)
  • A case study
  • A business plan


The Tufts Digital Library holds a selection of Capstone Projects and Theses

Incubator Courses

Fletcher offers incubator courses to serve as the foundation for Capstone Projects. These courses are open both to students who wish to take them to prepare for the Capstone Project and also for general enrollment. In the large majority of incubator courses, the final product of the course itself will be the same for both groups of students. Students who wish to turn the final project or paper from the incubator course into a Capstone will coordinate with the instructor and Capstone advisor.

 Incubator Course Title


B200: Foundations in Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance 

Jacque, Laurent L.

B212: Starting New Ventures

Bhidé, Amar 

B233: Best (or More Plausibly, Widely Used) Practices

Bhidé, Amar 

B237: Field Studies in Global Consulting

Tunnard, Christopher R.

D200: Diplomacy: History, Theory and Practice 

Henrikson, Alan K.

D216m: Social Networks in Organizations – Part One 

Tunnard, Christopher R.

D217m: Social Networks in Organizations – Part Two

Tunnard, Christopher R.

E247: Econometric Impact Evaluation for Development

Aker, Jenny C.

H203: The International Relations of the China Seas 

Perry, John Curtis

L203: International Law in International Relations

Trachtman, Joel and Hite, Nancy

L209: International Treaty Behavior: A Perspective on Globalization

Chayes, Antonia

P201: Comparative Politics 

Bulutgil, H. Zeynep

P216: Research and Writing in the Global Political Economy 

Hite, Nancy F.

P223m: Political Violence 

Bulutgil, H. Zeynep 

P220: Understanding Mass Atrocities

Conley-Zilkic, Bridget

P256: Innovation for Sustainable Prosperity 

Gallagher, Kelly Sims

P272: China's Frontiers

Khan, Sulmaan

P298: Conflict in Africa

deWaal, Alex