Professional Opportunities

One of the defining characteristics that Fletcher students share is the desire to create their own personalized career path. That can be both liberating and daunting at the same time. Fletcher’s Office of Career Services works with students first as a group to help them both learn about the world of opportunities available to Fletcher students and to better understand the process of effectively selling themselves to a new professional audience. Students are then encouraged to work individually with a career coach to successfully execute an individualized career plan.

Students who earn their MALD degree pursue a wide variety of career paths. About one-third of the graduates choose opportunities within the private sector. These jobs often bridge the public and private worlds, such as an international marketing strategy for a company moving into a heavily government regulated country. Approximately one-third of our graduates pursue professional opportunities in the public sector, either the US government or the governments of their home countries. Opportunities can range from foreign service to treasury or homeland security. The final third pursues opportunities with either non-profit organizations or multinational organizations where they have the opportunity to work on social issues often affecting disadvantaged populations such as democratization and human rights.

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